Within New Song’s school community, the basketball teams are a vivid illustration of the benefits of the intersection between a community development initiative and a formal educational institution. For the past 15 years, Head Coach Sean Stevenson, a lifetime resident of Sandtown, has lead his Boys, Girls, and Co-ed Elementary teams to repeated victories. Games are a highlight of school and neighborhood social life, bringing former students back as fans, and parents, friends and neighbors in as supporters. Discipline, responsibility, fitness and excellence are hallmarks of the program.


CheerleadingChherleading 1

The Cheerleading team at New Song Academy won 1st place at the Baltimore City Schools Cheerleading Competition in it’s inaugural year of 2006. Since then, the team has hosted workshops for other inner-city teams to teach cheer skills and technique, thereby strengthening our connection with neighboring schools. In 2013, the team took first place at the Spirit Unlimited Cheer and Dance Competition held at Six Flags America. The squad regularly cheers their home team, the Conquerors, on to victory at basketball games, and has even been known to hold pep rallies in support of the Ravens.