Study Buddies

Opportunities to practice responsibility, accountability and empathy are key components in the development of leadership skills. A new offering for the 2013-2014 school year, Study Buddies, pairs 4th grade students with Kindergartners for homework help, reading and enrichment activities.

Math Mania

The development of a culture of learning is a top priority for New Song Learning Center. Fostering an literary and mathematical fluency is part and parcel of that vision. The games, exercises and relaxed environment of Math Mania promotes the enjoyment of learning, and its relevance in a social context. Thanks to funding from the Middle Grades Partnership, New Song Middle school students gather to practice math skills after school 3 days each week.

Kindergarten French

Familiarity with international cultures is an expectation for 21st century children. To prepare New Song students for the demands of an international culture and economy, New Song Academy offers foreign language class to our kindergarten students in our after school programs. The course is designed to facilitate communication, introduce culture, and make connections and comparisons with other disciplines students study. Circle games, songs, creative theater and visual arts are the modalities through which the course is taught.