Towson University Art Department

For the past eighteen years, a group of 60-100 students from New Song Academy have been transported to Towson University to receive interdisciplinary art lessons utilizing art education and elementary education students. In recent years our program has expanded to include many more children then in the past. Art Education majors teach the 5th-8the grade students while Elem. Ed majors teach the elementary students. The project goal is to bring urban youth from Baltimore City to the Towson University setting where they have the opportunity to explore the arts in a teaching and learning partnership with college students. The program has an overarching goal to break down stereotypes and to encourage the urban youth to gain a vision for continuing their education at the college level. Our program has expanded to the point of including all New Song children in grades 1 thru 8. The urban children develop their artistic skills but they have also developed skills in collaboration as they’ve interacted with their college student teachers. This experience has given all participants rich educational content and has become a multi-leveled, multi-cultural experience with tangible results. Both Towson University and New Song Academy operate out of a culture of respect with a commitment for the long haul. Our many years of working together have secured trust and easy communication that only comes with understanding, commitment and respect.