Our elementary program serves small classrooms of 14-15 students in kindergarten through 4th strengths, inquiry, problems solving, and critical thinking across all subjects. Even our littlest students are working on answering, “Can you explain your thinking? How do you know?” grade. The elementary team values the importance of building off student. The elementary school day begins with a class morning meeting where community building takes center stage. Students then launch into their academic day, participating in reading and writing workshops, math investigations, and science and social studies explorations. Teachers use data gleaned from assessment and observation to monitor progress and plan for targeted instruction. In order to address their complex learning needs, children participate in small groups and 1:1 conferences with their teacher as much as possible. This results in a rich, flexible curriculum that is tailor-made to meet the needs of our students.

  • Positive Climate
  • Our school’s high scores well above the average of other K-8 schools
  • Successful Partnerships
  • MECU partnership
  • Irvine Nature Center partnership
  • Teaching New Teachers
  • Morgan State University professional development partnership
  • Towson Arts internship program
  • Attendance
  • Our attendance rate is consistently high, averaging 97.8
  • Parent Involvement and Communication
  • Multiple sources of parent communication (report cards, planners,
  • Parent volunteers at all levels (cafeteria assistants, classroom
  • Effective discipline
  • Suspension rate of zero
  • Consistent discipline model throughout elementary on the school climate survey.