Principal – Nancy Neilson
Established in 1997 as a Baltimore City Public School. New Song Academy is committed to developing moral character and raising the leadership potential of each student while providing them with a quality education. The school currently has 148 students enrolled from pre-k to 8th grade. The school features dedicated teachers, strong parent involvement, and small class sizes in a culture of empathy and caring. At New Song Academy, we believe that every child can and will learn. We believe that this is best accomplished through long-term relationships and individualized attention provided in a safe and loving environment. Upon graduating from the 8th grade, students are prepared to enter city-wide high schools or private secondary schools.

New Song Academy is best known for its culture of thinking, behaving and working, which are geared toward creating an optimal learning environment for students. Below is a list of our best practices:

• Belief that every child can and will learn to the best of his/her ability with the support of the entire New Song staff

• Showing empathy and caring

• Use of conflict resolution techniques

• Treating others the way you want to be treated

• Respecting each other’s feelings, workspace and learning opportunities

• Maintaining excellent attendance

• Enforcing uniform policy

• Being on time

• Not tolerating unacceptable language

• Respecting and maintaining school property

• Having good manners

• Modeling the characteristics of good leadership

• Maintaining a clean and organized workspace

• Welcoming and respectfully utilizing parents’ and volunteers’ gifts, abilities and support

• Modeling collaboration

• Using Common Language (i.e. I Care Language)

• Accepting everyone for who that are and helping them to grow

• Coming together to create shared memories and to build relationships

• Keeping the community first

• Morning Meeting

• Extended school day

• Gender-based classes

• Celebrating students’ accomplishments, talents, leadership and character

• School-wide behavior policy

• Approaching school challenges with creative problem-solving

• Small class size

• Supporting one another as members of the community