New Song’s Robotics Team 2014-2015

Coaches:  Mrs. Latifahia and Mr. Lamont
Middle School Team Members:  Latrell Leverette, Ti’Jnae Sinclair, Travell Gardner, Jamurious Ray, Cache Hebb, Isaiah Ellis, Leah McCollum, Larry McCollum, Jeremiah Stevenson

What is Robotics?
Robotics is an engineer challenge where teams of students design and build robots out of metal parts as well as other materials and compete against other students from Baltimore City schools. Students also had to program robots to move on their own.

Our First Year Recap/Accomplishments:
This was the very first year that New Song Academy has participated in Robotics for Baltimore City Schools.  In the month of September, we had try outs for the Robotics Team and 18 students made the team.  When the students joined the team, they had to be able to uphold their academics as well as behavior throughout the school year in order to participate on the Robotics Team.

Throughout the school year, the New Song’s Robotics Team had to compete at least 4 times at various schools.  The New Song’s Robotic Team went from 18 students to 9 students because students were either not interested or were not behaving well in school.  These 9 students were very dedicated and worked cooperatively amongst themselves.  These 9 students were split up into 2 teams that would compete for New Song Academy.

At these 4 tournaments the New Song’s Robotics Team did very well.  Throughout the 4 tournaments, 46 Baltimore City Robotic Teams competed against each other.  After each tournament, each team’s ranking was recorded and that is how you began the next tournament.  You could move up or move down in rankings at each tournament.  At each tournament, we kept moving up in our rankings.