Alan Mclain BIO

Although I am was recently hired at the beginning of this school year, I have been a Sandtown resident and active

New Song church member since 2011. During these few years I have shared my life, my home, and my time

informally with young men in the community and been blessed to have them reciprocate fully. My role at New

Song as the Director of the College and Career program is just a further step in this direction for me. Beyond being

a resource and a friend, it is my job to lead New Song graduates (high school age) to successful college and career

opportunities while instilling in them the biblical values of character and community that have changed my life.

My undergraduate studies were in Urban Sociology and French yet nothing has taught me more about community

development and Jesus than being a neighbor in this wonderful community. I am currently also a graduate student

of Nonprofit Management at Eastern University.

Katherine Arwady Broadwater Ph.D.

Towson University Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education

Associate Professor Dr. Kay Broadwater received a BA in Art Education from Capital

University, an M.Ed in Art Education from Towson University and a Ph.D. in Arts

Education from Union Institute & University. Currently, Broadwater is the Director of

Art Education at Towson University where her work includes bringing urban children,

from Baltimore City to the Towson University setting where they have the opportunity to

explore the arts in a teaching and learning partnership with art education and elementary

education students. Kay is the Curriculum Expert for the Arts Integration Institute of

Towson University and is on the advisory board for the Asian Arts and Culture Center

and the Multicultural Institute. She is serving as Higher Ed Chair for the Maryland

Art Education Association and is a member of the AEMS (Arts Education in Maryland

Schools) HEAT Force.

In addition to prestigious awards for teaching, Dr. Broadwater brings enthusiasm into the

classroom in addition to the dedication she maintains to ensuring positive educational

experiences for her students in both theoretical and practical areas. She is a dynamic

educator, ready and willing to put aside the task at hand to help her students succeed.

Dr. Broadwater has contributed to numerous high profile publications in her field and

her reputation precedes her as a leading figure in the field of art education. Her research

constitutes an awareness of current theoretical directions in addition to a comprehensive

knowledge of the historical importance and the progressive ideologies in art education.

She continuously presents her research at national conferences, engaging scholars and

sharing her expertise with generosity.