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New Song Community Learning Center opened its doors in 1991 as a non-profit educational program for the children in the Sandtown–Winchester community of West Baltimore. The Learning Center was founded by Susan Tibbels and at the time, offered a small preschool and after-school program. In 1994 a non-public middle school was added. The vision was to see neighborhood young people begin their educational experience at New Song Community Learning Center at age three and continue their involvement all the way through high school. After completing their college education, we envision our young people returning to the neighborhood as leaders.

New Song Community Learning Center, along with New Song Community Church, New Song Urban Ministries, Sandtown Habitat for Humanity, New Song Family Health Center, EDEN Jobs and New Song Arts worked holistically to revitalize the Sandtown-Winchester community.

The Learning Center offers the community a Preschool program, an After-School program, a Public School and a College and Career program. All of the programs operate on an extended school year calendar. Each program builds from the next one to help achieve our vision of developing leaders from Sandtown. We value our staff, students, parents, community members, partners and supporters; they are all pieces of a puzzle that makes New Song a whole. After over 20 years of service to the community, New Song Community Learning Center is fulfilling its mission to develop and empower leaders from the community. We are so excited to see so many of our students graduate from high school, go to college and give back to the community.

New Song Community Learning Center is making a long-term investment in the lives of neighborhood youth and their families to ensure indigenous leadership for the ongoing transformation of Sandtown. Our vision is to develop and empower leaders from the community by providing year-round educational opportunities for children, youth and their families.

We need volunteers, tutors, guest speakers, sponsors for activities and events, reading buddies, gardeners, technical support for facility maintenance, technology support, administrative support, etc. What’s your specialty?

To be successful, our vision for the youth of Sandtown requires the partnership of many people, including individuals, congregations, corporations and foundations. Your prayers, support and financial investment are essential to our work. Please consider today how you can invest in our youth.